Human Interfaces Paid Surveys

Human Interfaces Paid Surveys

About Human Interfaces

Human Interfaces mission is to help build products that are intuitive and user-friendly. Company has an extended consulting team of world-class professionals with extensive experience in using proven techniques to ensure the usability and usefulness of a wide variety of products and services including web sites, software applications and hardware. The aim of company is to obtain customer feedback on product design and to implement design recommendations based on this data to improve the initial or redesign efforts.

Focus groups are one of the most common methods of obtaining customer opinions and feedback. Company facility has everything you need to conduct a successful and productive focus group session. Human Interfaces is always looking for people of all ages and abilities to help evaluate the products and technologies that our clients are developing. As a member, you can participate in product evaluations by completing our online registration and joining our participant database. Participants are typically paid from $75 to $150 per session.


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