Fieldwork Paid Surveys

fieldwork Paid Surveys

About fieldwork

Serving the complete user experience research project, fieldwork Labs brings marketing methodologies and usability together in our state-of-the-art facilities and beyond -- through the fieldwork Network of multi-city project management. See the list of cities at the company website.

Fieldwork needs people of all backgrounds and ages for participating in discussion groups. A Focus Group is a round-table discussion on products and services that you use. The discussions are moderated by market research professionals and usually last between 1-2 hours. When you're done, you are paid cash $50, $60, even $100 for your time and opinions. If you decides to become are focus group member you ought to register and provide personal information. If your information seems to match, company representative will call or e-mail you to ask if you are interested and available for the study. You will then you will be asked a series of questions to see if you qualify for the study. If you are determined as qualified fieldwork you will be paid to come to their office for participating in focus group.

Fieldwork hosts focus groups on every kind of topic, from video games to breakfast cereal to real estate.


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