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About the Company

One of the world’s leading communications services group WPP has founded the Lightspeed Consumer panel in 1999. The company has grown up with better business with the Fortune 500 companies worldwide as their valued customers. With the understanding that how the market research plays a vital role in any of the companies business decisions, the company has spread its business with its market research Websites in Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, and Germany other than in the United States.

Company engaged in carrying out the various market research and it has a very strong panel of panelist who contribute their valued feedback about the various survey which have been carried out by the company time to time. It invites the panelist to participate for survey and also offers very lucrative rewards. It has created ‘Lightspeed consumer panel’ where one can registered and enjoy the various benefit by giving their feedback in survey. It has very satisfied panelist and they also give their good opinion about being panelist and how they enjoy the rewards getting with company’s best policy.


Lightspeed Consumer very often carries out the market research for correct decision on product development and its effective marketing. For this, it has made ‘Lightspeed Consumer panel’ that has panelist throughout the United States and Canada. The Panelist can be invited by email for the participation in online surveys. The survey may be of any type of product like baby clothing, cereal to cell phones, cars, motor oil magazine advertise, skin care products etc. If anyone who joined as survey panelist enjoy the good rewards for his/her efforts by providing correct feedbacks about the products.

When panelist participates in client survey, they earn Lightspeed Points at least 500 points then that can be redeemed either for cash, gift certificates or prices. If earned 1000 points then it can redeem for cash!

It has an additional attraction to win extra points about 5000-A-Day Giveaway also. Or the company will choose anyone of the active panelist for Lightspeed Sweepstakes winner with price money of $5000!

There are many other added attractions like; the company can invite the panelist for Quick Matches and mini-polls. Few questions have to be answered to help the company to match the panelist with specific upcoming surveys. In the Mini-polls, only one question will be asked and it may be for fun! Other attraction that if anyone participates in Background Survey, Health Care Survey or the Financial Survey they have good chance for specialized surveys which very relevant to panelist choice.

Privacy policy

The company is fully committed for the information about the panelist, as a valued Lightspeed member has been kept private. Such information will not be disclosed to other agencies that may misuse it. Name, address, phone numbers etc details individual responses will also not disclosed without anyone’s consent. Company contacts the panelist by email at convenient time only.

Lightspeed may use the information collectively which has been gathered on the site through studies for its market research activities only. Such information may be shared with business partners in an aggregate form where panelist personal identity will not be disclosed anywhere.

Company also committed for the protection for Children too, it prohibit from answering the survey to children. It may not knowingly contact any child for its response or for participation in survey.

Survey Format

Lightspeed has created very user-friendly survey format and it is easy and enjoyable way of giving feedback in each survey. It is very and well rewarding survey website which in my opinion one should take full advantage of it.


For questions or concerns relating to privacy, you may contact:

Mail: 180 Mount Airy Road,
Suite 100, Basking Ridge,
New Jersey 07920
Tel: 1-877-839-5030.
Website: Lightspeed Research

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