GlobalTestMarket was founded in August 1999 as a division of Global Market Insite, Inc. The intention was to develop a global solution for companies who wish to conduct online consumer research across multiple countries. GMI serves more than 300 clients in more than 40 countries.

GlobalTestMarket is a unique online community where consumers from around the world participate in the development of new-to-the-world products and services.

Members learn about and use new products and services while earning MarketPoints - the online currency, which is convertible to cash.

Membership is free of charge.

GlobalTestMarket was created with you in mind. Your participation, your ideas, and your opinions have made GlobalTestMarket a valued source for consumer feedback.

You will be invited to participate in a variety of surveys where you can influence the people who are developing new products or creating new services.

GlobalTestMarket members are invited to make a difference. Join up and partake in all sorts of fun and interesting surveys and help companies develop the products and services you use every day. Earn “Market Points,” redeemable for cash, for every survey you take! It’s so simple, the surveys come straight to your email inbox, and then you are just a few clicks away from your cash reward! Sign me up now!


If you are a retailer or manufacturer and are interested in listing a development-stage or new-to-the-world consumer product in one of the online test markets, please click on Market Research.

Advertising policy

This site was built to serve our participants around the world and to provide a friendly, uncluttered environment where they can participate in leading-edge market research. Clients are only permitted to seek your opinions and preferences about new products and services. You will not be the target of marketing messages in any form as a result of joining GlobalTestMarket or visiting this site.


GlobalTestMarket use MarketPoints instead of currencies. Our research studies are conducted all over the world. As a result, we denominate our rewards exclusively in MarketPoints, which have a fixed value versus the US dollar. Each MarketPoint is equivalent to 5 U.S. cents.The minimum number of points needed to convert points to cash is 1000 points.

Contact Information

2835 82nd Ave SE
Suite S100
Mercer Island, WA 98040
United States of America
Website: GlobalTestMarket

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