Paid Online Surveys Guidelines

A boom in Internet businesses spawned immense opportunities to earn cash on net. A paid survey is one of the best prospects, if you aspiration to make some extra pocket money. All you need is, fill out a simple paid survey and submit it. This will result more cash in your pocket.

So what is an online survey? Online survey is an online feedback form. To take survey is to complete this online form answering to the questions about specific product or service. Some long surveys include 20-40 pages and it takes up to hour to complete.

These survey firms claim to pay you $1000 a day. Is it possible? The truth is that you will never be paid $1000 an hour, but earning $100 - $500 a month is a really possible. Typical payment is from $0.1 (for very short) to $20 per online survey completed. Some industry specialized surveys worth up to $80 - $100.

If you are U.S. citizen than you have the highest earning possibility. The largest businesses usually order marketing research for U.S. markets only, so the U.S. citizens are likely to receive the more frequent survey invitations than other citizens of other countries can.

Does the residents from other countries meet the criteria to take survey (Rest of the world)? Most of marketing research companies recognizes international members from rest of the world. However, they will not be invited frequently to take online surveys.

Let us find out where to find these market research companies. There are many ways to find good ones:

  1. Use search engine: You can them in the search engines. But you may find it very tedious to find the honest survey companies.
  2. Pay for access to paid surveys list: You may pay to some marketing companies that provide databases of several online survey companies.
  3. Use a free paid surveys directory: You may find several survey companies at free paid surveys directories. You can find them in any search engine.

Certainly online surveys are the best ways make some extra cash, but as there is always exception, here you may counter with the companies that cheat with the users. The following are three important guidelines to take surveys without getting duped.


  1. Keep away from fraud companies that are dishonest, as they always mask themselves as legitimate survey companies. So how do you know which survey company to select?
    • First of all make sure that there is contact page at the website. Find out the names of the persons behind the company, their email add, contact number etc.
    • Make sure whether you are qualified to take paid surveys or not. This is particularly significant for the citizens of the other country from the paid survey company.
    • Always read cautiously their guidelines and terms of agreement that normally appears in very small fonts.
  2. Search on the Internet for the free sites and directories. Once you have found some start short listing, eliminating the ones that look fishy.
  3. Search for the feedback on the Internet by Google search for the name of companies you have short-listed. There are many people who constantly write in forums about various companies. Browse to find the proper feedbacks.
  4. You also can check with BBB for complaints against precise online paid survey sites. However, it doesn't mean all that have conducted business with the sites are trustworthy, just because there are no complaints.
  5. There are lots of scam forums that have messages from the users who think they've been duped by online paid survey scams. But beware of some messages, which are posted by ropers and shills pretending to exchange experiences about being duped by paid survey scams or who are looking to avoid it.